How Mike Cernovich got Bernard Media Suspended from Medium

Mike Cernovich harassed Medium into suspending Nathan Bernard of Bernard Media from the platform in an attempt to sabotage Bernard Media’s on-going investigation into Mike Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape, sources close to the situation say. Cernovich and his followers emailed Medium countless times during the last week asking for Bernard’s account to be removed. Bernard Media’s investigatory efforts into the sex tape’s existence had already yielded two world class scoops, both published and since taken down from Medium:

  1. Gorillas Gone Wild: The Mike Cernovich Sex Tape?
  2. Mike Cernovich Denies Bankrolling Laura Loomer’s Lavish Lifestyle

This suspension will in no way hinder Bernard Media’s investigation, Counsel for the company believes, stating that, “Bernard Media will continue to pursue any and all leads with great fervor. What does Cernovich have to hide?” The Counsel went on to cite several obscure free speech cases that he believes may be relevant to the situation.

A leading media figure who wished to remain unnamed further explained, “With Bernard Media’s rapidly growing presence in the scoop journalism industry it is clear that Cernovich Media would have to retaliate in someway. They are getting absolutely obliterated by Bernard Media’s relentless scoops.”

Updates will be added to this story as new developments arise.

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Mike Cernovich Denies Bankrolling Laura Loomer’s Lavish Lifestyle

Mike Cernovich has been bankrolling Laura Loomer’s expenses as she travels the USA “investigating” mass shooting victims, according to evidence provided to Bernard Media. These revelations come in the midst of Bernard Media’s massive investigation into Mr. Cernovich’s alleged extramarital sex tape scandal. Mr. Cernovich denied these revelations and did not wish to provide financial receipts or additional comment to Bernard Media via email. Ms. Loomer could not be reached for comment. The alleged expenditures include luxury hotel stays, and personal beauty products and range in the thousands of dollars.

The following are an initial estimate of the alleged expenses covered by Mr. Cernovich on behalf of Ms. Loomer.

Estimated Expenditures

Travel ($750–800): First class airline tickets to Parkland, Florida.

Lodging ($1,500–2,000): One room, king sized bed. Room service for two.

Food & Beverage ($1,500): Several meals for two at high end restaurants. Multiple bottles of Champagne and premium alcoholic beverages.

Personal Beauty & Self Care ($1,000): Teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, hot yoga classes for two.

Cernovich Media Merchandise ($800): In-kind contribution, 100 copies of Gorilla Mindset intended for resale.


A source close to Cernovich’s inner circle who wished to remain unnamed believes, “Ms. Loomer’s payments are obligatory given the nature of the situation.” Timing for these financing revelations are also especially intriguing as anonymous tipsters have come forward alleging to have viewed the Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape, providing details on Mr. Cernovich’s alleged co-star.

Both Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape’s existence and alleged financing of Ms. Loomer are open, on-going investigations. Details and financial receipts will be released as they are received by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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Gorillas Gone Wild: The Mike Cernovich Sex Tape?

Pizzagate enthusiast, amateur filmmaker, married man and father Mike Cernovich made a sex tape with a female acquaintance, according to a highly credible source with firsthand knowledge of the situation. This video may have been secretly filmed by the female acquaintance without Mr. Cernovich being made aware, the source claims. Through his lawyer, Cernovich denied the tape’s existence by telling Bernard Media, “Mr. Cernovich has no idea what you are talking about… In the event that you are in possession of (or come into the possession of) a sex tape starring Mr. Cernovich, I presume that it would be somewhat old material.”

The following is the alleged timeline of events from that night, which the source said occurred within the last 18 months in the District of Columbia.

Estimated Timeline

3:30PM: A group including the “source,” Cernovich and Cernovich’s “female acquaintance” gather for business related matters. The group has several drinks.

4:30PM: Cernovich, the source and female acquaintance all grab a cab together.

4:45PM: Cernovich and his female acquaintance start making out in the cab in front of the source. The source needs to stop at a seperate location before heading to the bar. Cernovich and his female acquaintance agree to meet the source at the bar, the source steps out of the vehicle and Cernovich and his acquaintance go back to making out and heavy petting.

5:30PM: The source arrives at the bar for happy hour. Cernovich and his female acquaintance are not there. Multiple attempts to contact Cernovich and his female acquaintance are made, there is no response and they never show up at the bar.

The Next Day: The source is made aware of the happenings of the night prior from the female acquaintance. The source is also made aware of the documentation of that night, which includes but may not be limited to a full filming of that nights events.


These alleged revelations come on the heels of newly wed and Cernovich confidante Jack Posobiec’s Bumble app sexting scandal. According to an anonymous expert privy to the Cernovich situation, “arrangements are likely being made to release the sex tape through a third party.”

The Cernovich sex tape’s existence is an open, on-going investigation. More details will be released as they are received by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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