Recycled Auto Parts and Salvage Auto Parts: Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Options at Cernovich Auto and Truck Wreck

Mike Cernovich – Auto and Truck Wreck in Kewanee, IL

Cernovich is an American right-wing social media personality, political commentator and conspiracy theorist. He first gained prominence in the manosphere for his postings on men’s rights and mindset techniques, but has since moved to support Donald Trump and promoted anti-feminist themes.

A permanent naming rights gift from Rick and Kim Cernovich has been donated to the new 2,800-square foot field house at Kewanee High School. The facility features 80 individual lockers, restrooms and showers for football and track athletes.

Recycled Auto Parts

Unlike new auto parts, which are made of materials that have to be mined, recycled automotive parts are made of material already in existence. This saves energy and resources. Moreover, the parts are recycled to prevent waste and protect the environment. They are also available at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for used or new parts, Cernovich’s Auto and Truck Wreck is the place to go.

In the 2000s, Cernovich started blogging about men’s rights and mindset techniques, earning him a following in the manosphere. He later adapted his blog to politics, supporting Donald Trump and spreading conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.

He has a long history of making false claims and promoting fake news. He helped spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, and he has accused some of his political opponents of being pedophiles. He has also encouraged smear campaigns against conservatives, such as Gamergate. In addition, he has a long history of domestic violence and sexual assault allegations.

Auto Wrecking

In the 2000s, Cernovich became a blogger, focusing on anti-feminist themes. He gained notice within the manosphere for posting inflammatory comments about dating and sexual assault, and for claiming that date rape is “liberal fiction”. He also became involved in the Gamergate harassment campaign against women in the video game industry, and later adapted his website to a political blog.

He served in the US Navy from 1945 to 1946, was a member of the Kewanee Conveyor Co and General Telephone Company of Kewanee and retired as an Illinois State Trooper. He founded M & K which later became Cernovich Auto & Truck Wreck in Kewanee.

He was survived by his wife, Carol; children, Michael J., Lynn A., and Kim S. Cernovich; grandchildren, Mike, Daniel and Ryan Cernovich, Lori Ellis, Brad and Caitlin Milmo, Bryan Porras and Laura Banks; great-grandchildren, Emma, Ava, Kolbie, Ace, Ella, Mia, Knox, Kye, Gunner, and Adalynnn; and many other relatives and friends.

Salvage Auto Parts

In addition to selling used auto parts, the business also recycles those parts to keep them out of landfills and re-purposes them for new cars, trucks, and vans. These recycled parts save money and help the environment by keeping valuable metals out of landfills. The company has a variety of automotive parts in stock and sells them at competitive prices. Its services are available for customers throughout the area.

The Kewanee Schools Foundation has sold the right to name the new 2,800-square foot Cernovich Field House after Rick and Kim Cernovich in recognition of their donations totaling $250,000 for the facility. The field house is located at the south end of the Kewanee High School football field and houses 80 individual lockers for KHS athletes.

Dixie graduated from Wethersfield High School and was a homemaker for most of her life. She enjoyed playing bingo and bridge, bowling, golfing, going to the riverboat and attending her grandchildren’s sporting events. She is survived by her children, Dr. Rick Cernovich of Sheffield, Randy Cernovich of Kewanee and Kim Cernovich of Bryan; seven grandchildren, Michael Cernovich, Scott Cernovich, Daniel Cernovich, and Ryan Cernovich; and 14 great grandchildren, Emma, Ava, Kolbie, Cruse, Mia, Knox, Kye, and Gunner.

Truck Wrecking

In his free time, Mike enjoyed spending time with his family. He was survived by his wife of 56 years, Lynn; two sons, Michael and Ryan; one daughter, Shauna; seven grandchildren, Emma, Ava, Kolbie, Ace, Ella, Cruse, Knox, and Kye; and 14 great-grandchildren. He served in the US Navy from 1945 – 1946 as a Seaman Second Class on the USS Welles DD-628 and later became an Illinois State Trooper District 7, Lodge 41 and started M&K which eventually evolved into Cernovich Auto and Truck Wreck Inc in Kewanee, IL.

He is an associate producer for the film The Red Pill, which discusses issues such as male suicide and sexual assault. He also has a website called Danger and Play, where he writes about men’s rights and mental mindset techniques. He gained prominence in the manosphere after posting smear campaigns against women in the video game industry and promoted conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. He has also defended the Pizzagate hoax, and unearthed old tweets from Sam Seder and James Gunn that joked about pedophilia.

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