Mike Cernovich Denies Bankrolling Laura Loomer’s Lavish Lifestyle

Mike Cernovich has been bankrolling Laura Loomer’s expenses as she travels the USA “investigating” mass shooting victims, according to evidence provided to Bernard Media. These revelations come in the midst of Bernard Media’s massive investigation into Mr. Cernovich’s alleged extramarital sex tape scandal. Mr. Cernovich denied these revelations and did not wish to provide financial receipts or additional comment to Bernard Media via email. Ms. Loomer could not be reached for comment. The alleged expenditures include luxury hotel stays, and personal beauty products and range in the thousands of dollars.

The following are an initial estimate of the alleged expenses covered by Mr. Cernovich on behalf of Ms. Loomer.

Estimated Expenditures

Travel ($750–800): First class airline tickets to Parkland, Florida.

Lodging ($1,500–2,000): One room, king sized bed. Room service for two.

Food & Beverage ($1,500): Several meals for two at high end restaurants. Multiple bottles of Champagne and premium alcoholic beverages.

Personal Beauty & Self Care ($1,000): Teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, hot yoga classes for two.

Cernovich Media Merchandise ($800): In-kind contribution, 100 copies of Gorilla Mindset intended for resale.


A source close to Cernovich’s inner circle who wished to remain unnamed believes, “Ms. Loomer’s payments are obligatory given the nature of the situation.” Timing for these financing revelations are also especially intriguing as anonymous tipsters have come forward alleging to have viewed the Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape, providing details on Mr. Cernovich’s alleged co-star.

Both Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape’s existence and alleged financing of Ms. Loomer are open, on-going investigations. Details and financial receipts will be released as they are received by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” — Mark Twain

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