How Mike Cernovich got Bernard Media Suspended from Medium

Mike Cernovich harassed Medium into suspending Nathan Bernard of Bernard Media from the platform in an attempt to sabotage Bernard Media’s on-going investigation into Mike Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape, sources close to the situation say. Cernovich and his followers emailed Medium countless times during the last week asking for Bernard’s account to be removed. Bernard Media’s investigatory efforts into the sex tape’s existence had already yielded two world class scoops, both published and since taken down from Medium:

  1. Gorillas Gone Wild: The Mike Cernovich Sex Tape?
  2. Mike Cernovich Denies Bankrolling Laura Loomer’s Lavish Lifestyle

This suspension will in no way hinder Bernard Media’s investigation, Counsel for the company believes, stating that, “Bernard Media will continue to pursue any and all leads with great fervor. What does Cernovich have to hide?” The Counsel went on to cite several obscure free speech cases that he believes may be relevant to the situation.

A leading media figure who wished to remain unnamed further explained, “With Bernard Media’s rapidly growing presence in the scoop journalism industry it is clear that Cernovich Media would have to retaliate in someway. They are getting absolutely obliterated by Bernard Media’s relentless scoops.”

Updates will be added to this story as new developments arise.

“We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting.” – Mao Zedong

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