6 thoughts on “Mike Screws The Pooch On Infowars

    1. He seems coked up (when he’s not just plain ole shit faced drunk). Then again it’s probably those toxic blue pills he’s so desperate to huck

      1. It’s his LSD daily regiment, no, I’m not joking. These guys, no other just Cerno, are told micrdosing LSD will open their mind and them communicate on their shitty periscopes

  1. Can’t wait until some of these fools end up in prison. I can hear them crying themselves to sleep now. Bunch of betas thinking the way to being an alpha is acting douchey. They’ll all get exposed one way or another.

  2. Least he has his own show, uses his own name, and doesn’t hide behind aliases like most libtard/pedo/Satanist/globalist cowards do… Cernovich is in your face. The author of this site is a cowardly back stabber. Cernovich has the moral high ground here.

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