4 thoughts on “Mike reveals how he strong-armed his rape victim to plead to a lesser charge

  1. You do realize this article is in total support of Mike correct? Fact is the friend said she didn’t want anything to do with prosecution of an innocent person for something that NEVER happened! In fact this has been expunged and therefore supports Mike even more. Sure he had to spend money to go after the accuser. Look what’s happening in the Mueller case now! Spending millions of dollars to go after a witch hunt narrative! You’re very foolish if you can’t see this! In fact if you can’t see this then your part of the problem!

    1. First of all, *you’re is the proper contraction of “you are”. Second, the Mueller investigation is not a witch hunt, as it’s yielded several indictments including some guilty please. That’s a really stupid narrative embraced and repeated by people to dumb to know any better and too lazy to read the actual documents (like the indictments and statements of offense) that have been published thus far. Good God what a stupid comment.

  2. Where’s the part of the story that backs up the claim that “Mike reveals how he strong-armed his rape victim”? Do you assume no one will read past the large type?

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