9 thoughts on “Mike throws a fit when asked about Fake News

  1. You guys are trying to make me mad and look like a douchebag but it won’t work! You’re obsessed with me!

    I’m seriously not even worried. I don’t care! People can make fun of my lisp and that I live on my bitch ex-wive’s dime! I’m cool. Not mad.

    I just don’t know why the fuck you’d do this to me? Like I’m not cool or something….kids teased me in school….a lot. Said I wasn’t cool and made me eat snot and dog shit and stuff. Life wasn’t always so good but I don’t care. I’m not mad.

    Ya know what, I’ll fucking sue you if you don’t take this down! I’ll fucking SUE and I’ll win because I’m good. Gorilla Neutropics (20% off until August 1st) have me A+ ready, bitch! I’ll sue you.

    Maybe I’ll just beat your ass? You don’t want none of this ripped shit bitchcuck! I’m not even mad though seriously hahaaha.

    Kids used to also shove sticks up my ass and call me queer a lot. They, uh, weren’t always decent guys and I’d fantasize about killing them a lot. It doesn’t affect me though. I made it through A+.

    Fuck you guys, think you’re tough and shit!? I’ll sue. I’m gonna sue and make a podcast Periscope of this and you fuckdicks and people will hate you HARD! I’m not even mad hahahaha! So funny.

    Email me and maybe we can have a debate or something?

    -Mike Cernovich

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