11 thoughts on “Mike Talks About Masturbating In A Woman’s Car

  1. This almost reads like a Henry Millers novel. This is just more reasons to like Cernovich in my case. Henry Miller is one of the greatest authors to ever hold a pen!

  2. It is written pretty well I must say, its actually hilarious especially if you read it with his lisp in mind. I shared it with all my friends even ones who don’t know who he is. Thank you for archiving this hilarious treasure.

  3. Seeing as how the videos on this page are deceptively edited to shit, I’d have to call bs on this story too.

  4. “Mike talks about Masturbating in his car” – “If I masturbate in Times Square,” the gorilla wondered, “do I get 5,307 notches?” Does the owner of the website proofread anything? It was HER car, not his. I’ve read 2 of your entries and they are both sloppy. No point in continuing or bookmarking this site.

    1. Jaime Conway son of Stephen Conway also named Chud Slayer, The Full Metal Snowflake, Rightful King of the Power Bottoms, Submissive Tops and Musical Twinks says:

      He jacked himself off in her car? Well that changes everything. I’ve always said that in many ways a car is an extension of yourself, and thus by jerking his little pink peepee til it spat up in his tanktop inside her car he definitely scored a notch on the higher spiritual metaphorical plane

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